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2 Weeks Before Your Storage Move

  Decide which personal items you want to pack yourself and put them to one side.
  Identify valuable items of jewelry and personal things you want to carry with you and pack them carefully.
  Make sure you have your tickets, hotel reservations, passports and other documents safely in one place.
  Make sure you have returned rented items, such as televisions and videos etc.
  Prepare garden tools for packing.
  Motor mowers must be drained of oil and fuel.
  Drain hosepipes and roll them carefully.
  Non-toxic cleaning fluids can be sealed in plastic bags.
  Dispose of oil, paint, aerosol cans and other flammable and toxic chemicals carefully.

On The Day of Packing

Stay close to your packing supervisor so that you can identify those ‘special’ items.
  You will be asked to sign the inventory.
  Keep your copies safe so when you come back you will be able to make sure that everything is correct.
  Label and put aside small important items.
  Sort all your keys into two bunches: those you want to take with you and those to leave behind.
 Foodstuffs in large quantities (do not recommend shipping with household goods)
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