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Leo Brand Ambassadors
Leo has embarked on a program to appoint Leo Brand Ambassadors ( LBA’s ) in a few cities who would be tasked with finding relocation and storage opportunity within their area or locations. Retired Personnels, Housewives, Working professionals looking for extra and stable income could be the LBA’s

LBA Qualifying Criteria
01. Must be able to operate a Computer or Laptop.
02. Must have an email ID and mobile phone
03. Must be able to operate basic social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
04. Must have a connect in their vicinity or must be able to establish a connect in their area/location, Family/Friend circle
05. Must be willing to adhere to the Terms & Conditions of the LBA Portal.
06. Must be willing to go through LBA training programs as and when notified in advance.
07. Must be open to attending in person the annual/bi-annual meetings and any other important events held at Leo Corporate Office.
08. Must be willing to remit an annual commitment fee ......
leo packers
The LBA Engagement and Benefits Include
  • A Profile section listed on Leo Corporate Website
  • Regular training programs on job excellence
  • A Leo team dedicated to handholding, guiding and enabling an LBA to excel at their work.
  • A competitive commission on every sale closed
  • Annual incentives for best performing LBAs
  • A lifetime engagement with Leo Packers & Movers provides a work from home opportunity with a stable alternate source of income
Program Terms
leo packers
  • Completing of the basic training course via the LBA online portal.

leo packers

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Director - Leo Packers and Movers
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